EMI Calculator

This is the EMI calculator tool, You can use this EMI Calculator to calculate the equated monthly installment amount (EMI), Total Interest Amount, and total payable amount.


What is EMI Calculator?

The full form of EMI is Equated Monthly Installment. This means you have to repay the loan amount in a monthly installment. The installment amount consists of interest amounts and Loan amounts.

If you want the loan then using this EMI calculator you can calculate the loan monthly Payable amount, total payable interest amount, and total payable amount (Which means total interest amount + Loan amount).

Also using this EMI calculator you can 1 to 10 years loan tenure EMI details. So that you can correctly choose tenure according to EMI amount.

How Loan EMI calculate?

The formula of EMI is : E= P.r.(1+r)^n/((1+r)^n-1) [Where E = EMI, P=Loan Amount (Here loan amount), r= rate of interest amount (r is calculated on monthly basis. r= rate of annual interest/12/100., Example: annually 9% interest rate., So r= 9/12/100, r=0.0075%), n = Loan tenure in month's.]

Example of EMI calculation: For example, you want 5 lakh of a loan at a 9% interest rate for 6 years. Then P=500000. r=9/12/100=0.0075%. n=6×12=72 months. Then calculation will be: E=500000×0.0075×(1+0.0075)^72/((1+0.0075)^72-1) E=9012.77

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